Our prices start from as low as £20 a month. We plan on keeping our clients for a long time, helping them as they grow. This means we can start with a low price and cover the initial set up costs and other issues out of our own money. We have faith in our clients, will not overcharge and promise to listen to what you want. Here are some examples:

1. Susan makes cakes for her friends, family and a couple of small shops nearby. She banks her takings into her own bank account and is looking for a bookkeeper close to her home in Carlisle.
She needs accounts once a year and is likely to have a small tax bill. This is a simple bookkeeping job. The tax will be slightly complicated by the her working from home and there is likely to be a mix of business and private use. The annual fees should be around £250 to prepare her accounts and submit her tax return.

2.Peter is a taxi driver. He runs his own car which is badged and registered. He banks his takings into a separate bank account and requires a bookkeeper close to his home in Penrith. Annual accounts and tax return are required. There will be considerable expenses to offset against his rental income and we need to agree what can and cannot be charged for tax purposes. You are probably looking at around £360 per annum to prepare accounts and submit the tax return. Bear in mind the tax man has detailed records for many thousands of taxi drivers and will be critical of any abnormal margins and expenses.

3 .John is an electrician and he subcontracts his services. He charges VAT on his invoices and requires accounts quarterly and his VAT returns submitted. John is looking for a bookkeeper near to Brampton in Cumbria. The actual accounts and tax should be relatively straightforward but there is slightly more work to provide a vat return. You are probably looking at around £400 per annum.

4. Carol runs a small shop in Keswick. She is registered for VAT and requires help submitting quarterly returns. She also employs 2 staff who help in the shop. She calculates their pay herself but often needs help with the multitude of questions which come about from employment law.
She keeps a simple cash book to record her bankings into her business account. She also itemises the cheques drawn on the account. Carol requires quite a bit of help to manage the business but only asks for accounts every 6 months ( this reflects the strong seasonal nature of her business).
You are looking at around £750 per annum to provide help as required, half yearly accounts and her tax return.

5.George is retired but has income from a number of pensions plus investment income. He is a keen photographer and sells a number of prints each year. He is very keen to offset as much of his photography costs as possible and is looking for a bookkeeper near Hexham. Preparation of annual income statement and submission of tax return. Around £150.

6. Jim runs a successful building business in Wigton but doesn’t want to pay for a full time accountant or bookkeeper. He needs a professional service maybe one day a week to pay the bills, chase debts and to submit his quarterly vat returns. There is also a requirement to pay his 4 staff.  We are looking at between £7000 and £8000 per annum.